Connect a Puppet Agent to its Puppet Master

*Prerequisite: Verify that your /etc/hosts file is configured correctly, i.e. puppetmaster puppet puppetclient.example puppetclient

1. On the Puppet Agent, send a signing request to the Puppet Master

puppet agent -t

2. SSH to the Puppet Master and show the certification list

puppet cert list

3. On the Puppet Master, sign the certificate

puppet cert sign [Name of Cert]


Other Puppet Agent Tips & Tricks

Manually update the Puppet Agent

puppet agent -t

The Puppet Agent update process looks like this
1. The Puppet Agent loads the facts (details about the agent system) and shares them with the Puppet Master (Info: Loading facts…)
2. The Puppet Agent receives a new catalog from the Puppet Master (Info: Caching catalog…)
3. The Puppet Agent applies the new catalog (Info: Applying configuration version…)

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